Friday, June 8, 2012

To Be Or Not to Be....

That is the question...
This is the home we have made an agreement on about 6 weeks ago. We are supposed to close July 2nd. Things don't look promising as the owners have renters living there right now, and they have stated they are not moving and will not leave. Nice huh. Well, long story short, the last 6 weeks or so have been all about waiting, more waiting, attorneys, and yep, you guessed it, more waiting. I won' bore you with all the details, but many of you are curious about the house, and we all love snooping don't we? Well, let's just be honest! HA! I did manage to meet a painter there last week for an estimate. Another horror story all by itself, but I won't bore you with the renter's unbelievable behavior or the fact that I've cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion about all of this. Sigh.... Well, onto snooping shall we? Keep in mind that the renters are very unhappy about all of this, did not want us there, and I'm sure made absolutely no attempt to clean, much less pick up the house. So try and block out all the clutter.
Rambler style home, not my dream two story, but very practical nonetheless.

It needs some TLC with the landscaping but I'd enjoy doing that and adding my touch here and there.
The kids would be sure to enjoy the basketball hoop and driveway area for trike/bike riding.

Like I said, a little weeding a replenishing of rocks and mulch is needed, but nothing I can't take on right?
Jared is maybe a little in love with the finished garage that is heated. It also has an entrance into the downstairs area that we would use as a mudroom.
Front foyer view with coat closet - I think some fresh paint will do this home wonders in brightening it up and making it lighter and airy.
View from foyer into living room and dining space. We love the three sided fireplace. We're not sure about the burn factor for little people, but it is gas, so I guess that's a plus for me. It just involves a switch. I can do those.
The craftsman woodwork in the home is beautiful and the owner who built it 5 years ago did it all himself. That is his trade.Lucky us if we end up living here. Don't tell him I may paint it all white one day. Shhhhhhh..... I said maybe. I decided I should live there awhile before I go that far.

Like I said, we'll paint before we move in.

Dining room looking into sunroom.
Kitchen - We may throw in an island if we decide it would not interupt the flow too much. Otherwise, the counter space is far from ideal for us, but doable.

The kitchen flows into the main floor laundry room which is off the garage entrance. Another downside considering my weekly piles, but that is why we would finish the downstairs entry into a mudroom with bathroom.
You can hardly tell, but there is great counter space for folding and storage space.

I do like the brown tile floors. They would bode well with our family life.

The sunroom will be nice extra space I'm sure. I have absolutely no idea as to what to do with it. We're bedroom square footage kind of people, but this is actually the most practical house we have found that is pre-existing.

I lurve this fan! Just sayin.' Might never be mine, but just thought I'd throw it out there. HA!
View from sunroom onto deck area. Haven't had a deck since apartment life. I think we'd use it for sure! Think of all the hollering I could get done from there instead of walking around the house.

Upstairs hallway linen closet

Upstairs main bathroom - Yes, it's very green. I love green, but not this green.

It's also a very green countertop. Future project I can assure you. HA!

View from end of hallway into living areas

This would be the little girl's room. They do not want a pink wallpapered room I've been informed. They want a green room. Maybe we'll put them in the bathroom. Mmmmm.....

I will say the upstairs closets are amazing with custom built-ins which will be very nice for storage if the renters ever move out....

Baby girl's sweet and small room. Oh, how I'd like to be settled before she arrives, but it's not looking promising.

The office off of the main living room. We'd most likely use this for our piano/music room and maybe an office. Not really sure I guess...

The Master Bedroom - Notice Mr. Renter texting madly... Oh my. The drama.
The door leads out to the same deck across from the sunroom.

I'd just be glad not to trip over the baby cradle anymore. HA!
The closet door- although I was so stressed I forgot to go in and take a picture. It's a small cave.

The Master Bathroom - I love the storage cubbie in the middle!

Walk in tiled shower. This is also good for showering up to three little people at a time. Very nice for time management.

Drowning tub- I mean soaker tub.

Gotta love pocket doors on the potty room! We like our privacy!

Onto the downstairs!

Funky glass doors that we would eventually replace. We don't do glass at our house on purpose at least.

Downstairs kids bathroom -
Not a fan of the Hollywood light fixture. Small project # ???

Not sure what to think of open storage... I'll have to think on it. I like to hide my bathroom clutter.

This would be the big girls room. They also like green, but NOT this shade. They've decided on a nice light blue that reminds me of aqua. We'll see what pans out!

Funny how different colors look in different light. Might I remind you I'm not in the photography business. That's my sis!

This would be our guest room for now until we fill it with more little people. :) Mini Dragon would probably sleep in here too until we felt like he could handle the big boys room.

These aren't huge bedrooms by any means, but two could share if need be.

This would be the boy's room. It is massive and I love that we could stack 3 sets of bunks in this room and it would still feel huge with room to play! There's a walk in closet in the corner for more boy storage.

The family room is long and somewhat narrow with a small nook in back of the room that will be perfect for either toys or my treadmill. I bet the toys will win out if I had to guess.

Storage doors

Room coming in from garage that would be our mudroom and another bathroom.

Storage room/utility room

All in all, it is a great house. Whether or not it's for our family, remains to be seen I guess. Some days are easier than others to wait and be patient. Others drive me nuts thinking about the ridiculousness on the renter's part and how much chaos and stress this is causing the owners, not to mention a certain hormonal mama who would like to begin nesting.

If the last year has taught me anything, and I hope it has... It is that waiting on the Lord is hard, but well worth the wait. I may cry along the way and rant a little at the crazy renters, but I will purpose to wait till this new storm rides out, and choose to just get in the boat. He is perfectly capable and aware of our storm and will calm it in His time. 

That being said, we may decide at some point to walk away and not wait indefinetely on this house or all the legal crud that seems to be going with it. Either way, we are in waiting mode at our house again, this time waiting on clear direction from the Lord as to what "forever" home the Lord has for our family. I'm praying we can be settled before the new school year and baby, but realize this does not look promising. Will you pray for us too? We want to do the Lord's will and know whatever it is, the wait will be worth it. Until then, I will need to find peace in this promise.

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11