Friday, July 6, 2012

Park Playdate

We have met friends at the park a few times this summer for playdates for the kiddos and  the mommies! HA!  This one happened to be a birthday party too! 

Ella, Keilah Grace, and Ruthie
3 Peas in a Pod

Cupcake Time!

Such a ham with his smiles now!

Jack and Harrison
What great buds. They play so nicely together! 

Sully and Henry throwing sand left and right. What boys...

Crab face and Daddy

There's my sweet boy!

The older 3 peas in a pod! :)

Laura, myself, Lindsay, and Danielle
Our ladies Bible study group for the last year. 

Sister Monkeys!

Addie, Bash, Henry, and Johanna
The Chub Club
I must say her curls are much cuter.
Future marriage material? Ha! I love these babies! 

Baby Girl's Shower

A few of my closer friends threw a small shower for me and and our sweet girl this month. We gathered over great food at Mexican Village and pigged out while they showered her with kindness. It was such a treat and I must say a blessing to get some new things for #10. Do I dare say some things have just plain worn out and remember I did have that mini nervous breakdown after Sullivan was born and got rid of everything. HA! Ok. It's funny now, but it wasn't when I told Jared we were expecting Bash and had to buy most of our big items all over again. Well, I must admit, it was time to replace many of those things too so it worked out. The Lord always seems to provide above and beyond!
 Her sweet owl cake matched the invites!
 Oh my stars! This is incredibly precious!
She'll be sporting this next summer for sure!

Thanks again Lindsay and Tami! I felt so loved on and can't wait for you to meet our sweet gift in only a month or so! Thank-you to all my girlfriends who were able to make it as well. It was such a fun night full of laughs and blessings! The Lord has been so good to me...

Happy Birthday to Me!

My sweet thoughtful girls told their babysitter it was my birthday that night (sneaky ones...) and they made a great cake with her -  layered and all. She even had to have her sister bring ingredients over because my cupboards were bare! It was certainly very yummy and even more thoughtful! I can't say I get a cake very often.... Thanks Beth and thank-you to my sweet girls! I love you and how grown up you are becoming! You helped make my day so special this year! 

Typical goofballs!

Happy Father's Day!

June 2012

 We celebrated by grilling and taking naps that afternoon. My kind of day too I might add!

"A son honors his father..." Malachi 1:6

Family Time

We're tying to be more consistent with our family devotions and read a Proverbs a day. Brady especially loves to remind us if we miss a day and seems to love when we read the Word of God together as a family. We enjoy hearing their perspective and little keen insights into the Bible.

This Mini Dragon is growing up and growing a temper. - naughty boy! 
 But his curiosity is almost always fun, except with his obsession with the potty chair. Uggh! I can't stand that one!
 We love you sweet boy and miss your little wings now that you had your 1st haircut this month. But the mullet needed to go. It was time. 

Sunday Twins! I can still do this with the little girls. My days are pretty much over with the tweens! :(

Pop-Up Baseball

Jared is coaching the boys team again this year and having fun getting to know their friends in the process. It's been a fun season and the boys are improving each week with their skills. They have each caught a few fly balls and even made some home runs which of course is a HUGE DEAL for them! :) - Only a couple of more weeks left of baseball... I can't believe how summer seems to fly by each year while the winter just drags on for me. HA! Go Yankees! Yee Haw!

Summer Heat Wave

Wowzers, its been hot up here lately! In the 90's with the heat index well over 100 with all the humidity. I'll take it over cold any day tho. HA! The girls had a friend over one day and they have met a nice neighbor girl    that is close to their age too. So ran through the sprinkler they did and cool off while they burnt off some much needed energy!  

 Madeline, Signe, Alexis, and Katie
 Surprise Katie!!
I wish this one wasn't so blurry. Sullivan insisted on wearing his "cowboy" hat like Uncle Jon had on at the lake... HA!
 Where do they come up with their ideas I wonder sometimes? Whatever makes em' happy! HA!