Friday, September 14, 2012

Meeting My Friends

Miss Leanna, Mommy's tried and true babysitter for years. We love you Leanna!

Kirsten and Aaron, new friends from our church.

Ava and James

Sleepy Babies!

Tami and Jason, also friends from our church. Their Miss Kinley is only  2 weeks older than  Ava.

Future BFF's? : )

It was so fun to be preggo together, but it'll be more fun to watch these two grow up together!

Our amazing pastor, Tim, and his wife Beth, with daughter Jaymie

My gal pal Lindsay. I miss you. Sniff. Sniff. 

Danielle, another friend from church. She just dotes on you Miss Ava!

Pam is one of the best nurses ever! She came up from work on her break to visit me. :) 

So tired and worn out and ready to just sit and snuggle for the night.
The Mitchell Family, good friends for years and years now. 

Working hard to get you to take your nuky...

Thank you to all of our friends who took the time to visit us in the hospital. It means so much. We know life is crazy busy, but since we don't have family in town, it's always fun for us to have visitors. We love you all and enjoyed showing off our new bean! ;)

Going Home

The hospital nights are kinda long for me but it's always special to have true alone time with the new baby in the peace and quiet without a bunch of distractions and interruptions. We get lots of snuggle time in and in a way it's a mini vacation from the business of life. If I can only figure out how to eliminate all my afterbirth contractions that have me in just as much pain as labor, it would truly be divine! HA! 

I have used these wraps with our newborns ever since Harrison but I just love them and I must say Miss Ava does too. With the exception of her two nights in the hospital, she has slept through the night! I know, I seem spoiled, but I can assure you, this has never happened to me before. I don't know what we're doing right, or what we did wrong with the others, but our sweet baby has us spoiled now and I rather like it! So we swaddle her like a burrito and she's all ready for her nightly fiesta!

Ava's all ready to go home in her fluffed out pink princess attire.  I think this outfit is incredibly adorable, not to mention super comfy as the inside is lined with the softest t-shirt material ever. Thanks again Miss Annie, Miss Bonnie, and Miss Dee! 

Mama's Ava bird...

Daddy's newest princess

The traditional shot before we go home! The famous wall awaits this one!

All decked out in my new carseat cover Mama got a steal of a deal on.

The rest of the afternoon was spent being loved on by my family and taking pictures. Miss Ava just slept through the whole thing pretty much. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Firsts

It's always a joy to bring the kids up to the hospital to meet a new baby and this time was no exception. Everyone took to her right away except for Sophie. HA! Maybe she was feeling threatened? I doubt it, but she wasn't too into holding her or even looking at her. I think she might have been a bit sad about Mommy being away. Anywhoo, the kids all got to take turns starting with Harrison and worked their way up the line. The younger boys didn't come until later that night so we had a couple of meet and greet sessions. I've still yet to take the time to look at the baby books, but Ava is a good mix of most of our babies. I've even seen Bash in her cheeks. Imagine that! We still wonder where he comes from! HA! Mostly, she reminds me of Harrison, Austin, and Keilah Grace, with a tish of Alexis, but everyone sees babies' features differently, so I have no doubt, there are others in her as well. :) Everyone went through the line twice and got their fair share of snuggles in and made sure it was pretty even steven on the time. Hee. Hee. I was pretty whipped and so when the little boys showed up later on with their fantastic sitter, Leanna, I was fading fast, but it was funny to watch their reaction as at first they were both terrified to get too close and certainly didn't want to hold her or even touch her. After some nudging from Dad, we eventually got some smiles and finger pointing in from them and I can assure you that a month later, all fear is gone, and we might just need a little of that back. HA! I love to see my kiddos as I always miss them when we're apart, but the day was catching up with me, so they took off after hugs and kisses and even more pics and Jared and I tried to settle in for the night with our new bundle of joy. 

The First Few Hours...

Miss Ava did some crying, got her eye drops, and her very first diaper, got weighed, and had her footprints taken along with her very first bath. She wasn't too keen on most of it, but seemed to enjoy her warm sponge bath and her hair being brushed. All of her nurses were just awesome and so fun to visit with, but there's always something especially bonding about your labor and delivery nurses. Thank-you a thousand times over Kristie. You were an answer to prayer for sure and an encouragement to me the whole day. Thanks for putting up with my tears, my prayers, my "turkey chant", and even a little drool and clawing. :) You're the best! And I know Miss Ava thinks so too!