Sunday, December 9, 2012

Family Comes To Meet Ava Joy!

Sarah and Tommy snuggled on baby Ava and Tommy just ate her up. It was pretty sweet to watch him love on her. Of course, you could hardly tell... but we knew it! :)

Jenn was able to drive up for a day or so and spend some time with us and even made pancakes for the kids one morning. I was not about to do something like that so they were absolutely thrilled! She watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" with them and laughed right along with them. She was the only one in tears tho at the end. HA! Time is going by fast and they are growing up so quickly... Sigh. It's a good quick tho. Some days are a blur but I hope I remember all these precious times with my little people the Lord has been so good to bless me with.

Summer Sun

2 weeks and 2 days and soaking up some rays in the stroller! 

Mommy's Gansta! HA! 

Sillyhead playing with my camera! 

So thankful for these extra arms to help out! Love my girl!

Homemade Goodness

This sweet friend of mine brought her even sweeter girl over for a quick visit and made us the most delicious chicken casserole and this mean apple pie. I tell you she could make Paula Deen quiver in her boots it was so good! Thanks again Chris, and remember anytime you want to start taking orders just let me know. My sis and I are first in line!  :)

Almost 2 weeks here and just as cute as can be with her big southern bows! I love me some southern goodness!

Sheer Joy

So proud and full of sheer joy. A healing balm to all of hearts she's been... Thank-you Jesus.

Lonely Hallway

I don't have much going on here and I do plan of getting some twine and pics up on this old frame but alas, it's another project that I haven't gotten to yet. I love the old frame tho. It was my birthday present this year from my sis. :) Right now, I have this cute Merry Christmas sign hanging from it and my village covering the table for Christmas. It turned out pretty cute but my hallway carpet looks like a blizzard hit it every day now. The boys love to mess around with it. Sigh... So, I shovel it out nearly every day and rearrange it almost nightly. Life with kids. I bet I'll miss this some day. Maybe.

The Game "Room"

I really do appreciate the storage this home has to offer and the family room has this great little storage room under the stairs that is perfect for all our games and movies. The amount of times that the littles unloaded all of them from underneath our entertainment center was countless and for some reason they just don't think to open this door near as much. Wahoo! Now that I've stated that of course, I'm sure that will change and it will be in a heap tomorrow. HA! But for now, I can glory in that this hidden oasis of my organizational illness remains hidden most of the time. :)